Film Awards
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From the beginning the Ministry of Culture of Catalonia has followed with interest the work of the European Film Academy to promote European audiovisual production in Europe. In 2004, Barcelona hosted the awards ceremony at which Contra la pared by Fatih Akin was the winner. On that occasion, the Ministry of Culture worked in collaboration with the European Film Academy on the organisation of the awards for the first time. Years later, specifically in 2008, the Catalan Film Academy began its activity in Catalonia. The main aims of this institution are to promote Catalan cinema, unite the profession and achieve international recognition. The Ministry of Culture of Catalonia firmly believes in the importance of the work of these collegial representation and promotion platforms. Hence, its ties to their initiatives and its joining the European Film Academy as a patron are an important step forward. With common aims and approaches, the Ministry of Culture and the European and Catalan Film Academies, respectively, are starting out together to promote audiovisual production and achieve maximum visibility and maximum recognition for our film industry in the main international forums.

Ferran Mascarell, Minister of Culture Government of Catalonia
The Federation Wallonia Brussels has always been convinced of the importance of cinema as a major factor for deepening the European identity. We think that the European Film Academy remains a great window for the image of European films world-wide and we deeply hope that EFA will also be an effective tool in order to help European decision makers understand the role of European cinema in the preservation of cultural diversity.

Frédéric Delcor, Secretary General
Chimney is happy to be one of the European Film Academy’s patrons and support an organisation that is so important to European film. Founded in Stockholm in 1995, Chimney’s success has come from a belief in working with the most talented within an environment that fosters creativity, innovation, and joy. More than 40 feature films pass through our offices each year, roughly
half of them being co-productions. We are storytellers at heart and
our focus is on quality over quantity. Thanks to that we help
clients achieve entertaining and impactful moving images across
all media.

Fredrik Zander, Head of Art & Entertainment
The global financial crisis continues to rage, including in Europe. When public budgets are slashed, it can seem tempting to be extra frugal about public funding for the arts. After all, culture and the arts can hardly be called essential, can they? I’m reminded of the story of the minister who questioned Churchill’s decision to maintain arts funding during wartime, to which Churchill allegedly replied, then what are we fighting for? We need new ways of thinking and new ways of acting for Europe and the world to get through the crisis – which is not, after all, only about economics. Art, when it’s good, makes us see, think, dream differently. We have to tend the spaces where that can happen, the necessary spaces of culture.

Henrik Bo Nielsen, CEO
Watching a film is like waking up in someone else’s dream. The cinema lights are dimmed and the flickering images spark to life showing us the celluloid vision that touches our emotions. These dreams – European dreams on big screens – are, each, very different and it is this diversity which makes them so intriguing for us to watch. The Estonian Film Institute is small in stature but strong in vision. For us, filmmaking means approaching the industry on a most international level. This kind of filmmaking is based on openness, flexibility and international co-operation. The size does not matter, but what people can do and what kind of screen-dreams they have does matter. For Estonia, it is a great honour to be a patron for the European Film Academy – the place where all our dreams meet on screen.

Edith Sepp, Head of Institute
For 25 years Eurimages has supported a wealth of European co-productions and has made a major contribution to promoting cultural diversity through cinema. The Fund has a rigorous selection process and encourages producers to strive for excellence in independent cinema. We are proud to be associated with the European Film Awards and to be able to honour highly talented producers who are passionate about European cinema with the European Co-production Award - Prix Eurimages.

Roberto Olla, Executive Director
Film Finances are proud to be associated with the European Film Awards. Film Finances is the world leader in completion guarantees. We help movies get to the big screen. We provide financiers with a service that gives them an assurance that the film will be delivered on time and that the over-budget costs will not be the financier's responsibility.
EFA gives us the opportunity to participate in the future of European films.

Maritha Norstedt, CEO
The Luxembourgers are on board! It is with great satisfaction and pleasure that the Luxembourg Film Fund support the European Film Awards. Our national film industry lives above all through European co-productions and for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg it is absolutely important that the work and talent in all these films should be recognised and rewarded.

Guy Daleiden, Managing Director
Film i Väst is a regional film fund located in Västra Götaland, Sweden, with its main headquarters in Trollhättan, Sweden’s leading film city. Film i Väst has directly contributed to the growth of the industry and the development of new talent in the region. Now involved in 30-40 feature film co-productions each year, Film i Väst is one of the most significant regional film funds in Europe and an essential source of funding for Swedish films. Film i Väst acts as a co-producer, part owner and financier of feature, short and documentary films, and quality drama for TV, and offers many additional resources for film production. We are proud to join the European film Academy’s patrons and to be part of this celebration of achievements in European cinema.

Tomas Eskilsson, CEO (Photo by Sergio Joselovsky)
Besides our strong belief in European cinema, we also believe in the European Film Awards as probably the best instrument on hand today in the promotion and marketing of the wide and colourful variety European cinema has to offer. Therefore we are extremely proud and excited to be among the European Film Academy’s patrons.

Pierre Drouot, CEO
The Icelandic Film Centre supports the development, production and distribution of Icelandic films and promotes film culture in Iceland. One of our most important tasks is to encourage strong ties between Icelandic filmmakers and the international film community. In recent years we have welcomed many European productions to our shores, and our own films and filmmakers have benefited enormously from collaborations with our
European partners. We’re proud to be a patron of the European
Film Academy and we look forward to a strong and fruitful relationship
well into the future.

Laufey Guðjónsdóttir, Director
Supporting Irish creative talent in film is the main thrust of the policy of Bord Scannán na hÉireann/the Irish Film Board. We are delighted to join with our European colleagues on supporting the European Film Academy and in particular its awards ceremony which recognises European creative talent in film. Major challenges face European film in the years ahead. In becoming a patron of EFA we see this as an opportunity to participate in the dialogue about the future of European film where the focus is on the strength and diversity of European creative film output. Ireland has a long history of contribution to and vigorous engagement with all aspects of European Culture.

James Hickey, Chief Executive
Istituto Luce Cinecittà promotes Italian cinema abroad as a mission entrusted by the Ministry of Culture. Drawing on its own strategic expertise in the field of marketing and communications, it aims to develop tools and gather resources to interact with key targets by increasing the significance of the Italian films and audiovisual industry in national and international markets. Istituto Luce is honoured to be one of the patrons of the European Film Academy, as a matter of fact, the success of its activities could not be reached without EFA’s support who encourages and awards European talents.

Roberto Cicutto, President
The Kosovo Cinematography Center is a public film fund of the youngest country in Europe aiming to rebuild the historically interrupted film tradition and giving space to accumulating filmmaking talents. Being part of EFA is an honour for us and a great opportunity to network with other European fellow bodies in developing film production and film promotion pathways.

Arben Zharku, Director
The Macedonian Film Agency as a legal successor of the Macedonian Film Fund will continue to be a patron of the European Film Academy. Being associated with the European Film Academy gives us a wonderful opportunity to affirm our orientation for the equal treatment and support of national and international co-productions as a way of providing international distribution, recognition and promotion of European films. In that way, the European Film Awards are a celebration of the annual film creativity and a great tool for the promotion of European films and filmmakers!

Darko Basheski, CEO
Cyprus’ Ministry of Education and Culture is pleased to be associated with an organisation, having as its central aim to promote Europe’s film culture. I strongly believe that, by supporting the European Film Academy, we support European excellence in cinematographic works, communicate European values, as well as strengthening dialogue between different countries.

Costas Kadis, Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Cyprus
Dutch films currently enjoy increasing domestic success. Furthermore, especially children films and documentaries are performing well at the major international platforms. For our small country with its limited language area, it is essential to belong to a strong and vibrant European film culture. We feel it is important to participate in the further profiling and expansion of the eclectic European film with its own values and distinct character. Dutch film makers are extending their focus to other European countries and are increasingly participating in international co-productions. The European Film Academy plays a vital role in presenting and awarding European talent and we are honoured to be a patron.

Doreen Boonekamp, CEO
The European Film Academy has always been dear to Polish hearts and we are very happy to host the Awards Ceremony in Wroclaw in 2016. It is a great privilege to be a host for the second time since the Polish Film Institute has been created. We truly feel a part of the European film family. We all co-create the European cultural diversity. I congratulate all the nominees of this year’s European Film Awards. We are all eagerly looking forward to see the results of EFA this year and the years to come.

Agnieszka Odorowicz, Director
Seville’s City Council through its Institute of Culture and Arts organizes each November the Seville European Film Festival. Nowadays, European filmmaking is showing an extraordinary creative strength, full of new, different proposals to be explored and discovered. It is no exaggeration to say that new blood is running underground and above the surface in the old continent. Our festival is committed, through the fresh impetus of its director, José Luis Cienfuegos, to promote and encourage both the long creative tradition of renowned veteran filmmakers and the eagerness of the new talents - a goal that we proudly share with the EFA which honours our city and festival by announcing in Seville the nominees for the European Film Awards.

Maria del Mar Sánchez Estrell, Deputy Mayor for Culture, Vice-President of ICAS
Film is essential for a democracy. Without it, many voices would never be heard, and all kinds of stories never be told. Thanks to the EFA, we are given a chance to see the fantastic diversity in Europe and share our realities, creating an understanding across the borders. My colleagues and I at the Swedish Film Institute are very proud to be one of the patrons of the EFA and present our Swedish films, just as much as we are looking forward to discover other important stories from all over Europe.

Anna Serner, CEO
SWISS FILMS is the national promotion agency for Swiss cinema. As an independent foundation we work on distribution and promotion of Swiss talent at festivals, markets and film programs world-wide. In other words: we help bring our best films to your screens. We are proud to be one of the European Film Academy’s patrons and are honoured to contribute to the unique creative talent of Europe.

Catherine Ann Berger, Managing Director
Our traditional commitment to the highest quality programming brings us to the European Film Academy again this year. Numerous talents and their film works created across Europe show us not only the vast variety of themes and forms of expression one can encounter on the continent, but also consequently build up a common reality that influences our thoughts and actions. Supporting this process is the basic responsibility of the public broadcasters as it is viewed by TVP during its over 60 years of history. We warmly congratulate all the EFA Nominees and Winners, and hope to be able to observe and foster the further development of the cultural life within Europe.

Dr. Juliusz Braun, President